Anyone up for a Cigar in Hong Kong?

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» Steller pic there Rob. That appeared to be hand selected for greatness

» like all the boxes sent out of czar house! Ken, what is that 2 hours of

» sleep followed by 42 drams of Cutty Sarks?

it is after spending a week with rob and the guys. i am making a list of possible alternative friends.

and as for the other picture and rob's 'obsession', i assure all that never will be the slightest possiblity of that happening for those that can catch up.

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Ken will be there Wednesday 5th of October.

How about our HK natives catch up for a cigar with him 7pm at the Captains Bar Mandarin Oriental. You can mosy on from there if you feel inclined. I will shoot an e-mail to Dag to see if he is in town.

So who is in...7pm Captains Bar, Mandarin Oriental Wednesday 5th of November?

Ken is easy to find as he is the one by himself.


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