Por Larrañaga Petit Corona PUB NOV 07


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Thanks for the review sepp. I picked up a cab of these with the exact same box code the other week... I've got them in the Czar online locker so that I can't get to them for a while, otherwise I'd probably smoke 'em all before they have a chance to iron out their harshness! Good to see that the caramel tones are present even now though :-)

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Por Larrañaga Petit Corona PUB NOV 07

Had one of these Friday and this one today. Pretty much the same.

Appearance and construction are nice with some wrapper discoloration but nothing to turn anybody off the sample. Solid specimen with no soft spots.


The clip went well and the pre-light draw was spot on with just a touch of resistance. There was no appreciable unlit aroma

and the pre-light taste was very light. Something reminiscent of a dry grass field in late summer.

The first ½ inch did not go well. Harsh with no flavor and the burn is a bit uneven. Then a hint of flavor shows up towards the middle

of the first 1/3. By the end of the first 1/3 a definite caramel flavor is beginning to build. The burn has evened out and the ash is a

beautiful dark gray looking like a stack of coins.

Nearly on command the PC ashes itself at the beginning of the second 1/3. The caramel flavor is building and that oily palette

feeling is definitely there. I describe this feeling in my mouth akin to the way a butterscotch candy coats the inside of your mouth

with a nice sticky flavor.

The final 1/3 went flat for a few minutes with the flavors diminished. By the end the flavors had rebuilt very nicely. I smoked

this one to the nub and was sorry it had ended. Both times.

Throughout the smoke there was a recurring bit of harshness. But it never lasted long enough to put me off the experience.

Good smoke volume, excellent aroma and a steady flow of flavor made this an overall enjoyable smoke. Assuming that some time will

reduce the little bit of harshness I detected, it makes me sad that I split this Cab with a bud.


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