Portable heater for the car?

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I used to smoke in my house in my comfy recliner next to a window fan. But now, with having a baby, I prefer to use my Chevy Trailblazer as a smoking lounge. I already have a portable TV, magazines, etc. But I am now searching for a portable heater I can use during the winter months.

It seems that the 12 volt heaters you can plug into your cigarette lighter wouldn't put out that much heat? Am I wrong? Does anyone own one of these or have any safe portable heater suggestions? I do not want one that needs to be directly connected to the battery and of course I prefer not to keep the engine running.

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I don't know much about the 12V portable heaters, but I'd be real concerned about using any type of space heater in a small area like that. They eat up oxygen and your body really gives no indication that the oxygen levels are getting low, so people just tend to go to sleep and not wake up. Besides, sitting in a closed vehicle in the driveway smoking a cigar just doesn't sound like it's too appealing to me.

My suggestion would be to try to find a smoking bar or a cigar store with a lounge somewhere and rent a locker for your smokes. Most places don't mind if their locker holders bring their own smokes.

Congratulations on the new baby.

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Hehe I wish I had a cigar store or lounge near me. Closest one is an hour away:( Of course all the windows would be down while smoking. Believe it or not, it's quite appealing as we live in a pretty rural area.

Below are some examples of what I've been looking as far as the 12 volt heaters:


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First, congrats on the baby!

To the topic at hand - do you have a garage, shed, or protected area outside with access to

electricity? You could use a space heater, have the tv, etc and not have to worry about

ventilation or wearing down your battery.

In winter, I have a fairly protected corner outside of my house where I can sit on sunny days.

I have to dress warmly as well, but on all but the coldest days, I can sit and enjoy a cigar.

Good luck!

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Just another suggestion...

Have you seen those radiant dish heaters? I've seen them at Costco and it seems they would be great if you had an area protected from the wind. They heat you, not the surrounding area, so it would probably be like sitting next to a fireplace or fire pit. I usually smoke in the house with the Friedrich air cleaner on (the only one that I think works well,) at the cigar lounge or outside with the fire pit on, but I've been thinking about getting one since the fire pit is gas and runs up the utility bill.

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Congrats on the baby enjoy as they are great when they are tiny.....

I gotta ask since no one else has, what's wrong with the heat from the chevy and if all the windows are open there is nothing that is going to keep you warm and the other thing I would be worried about is the electrical draw from the heater could damage the electrical system and wear the battery and other componets out.

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