Cohiba Espléndido, unknown box date

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So with fall in full swing, and with me being trapped in the office all day yesterday, I decided to take full advantage of this awesome weather by smoking a cigar that was gifted to me last year while at a Herf in Baltimore. I'm not 100% sure of what it is since it was gifted to me, but by checking the size and what-not, it looks to me to be a Cohiba Espléndido. I don’t know the box date.

When I got home, I grabbed a glass of some Doublewood 12yr and Colin Powel's book- My American Journey and lit up the cigar while sitting down on a bench outside in my courtyard. The pre-light was a bit loose, but I could not describe the pre-light taste. The cigar started off with a nice sweet cream flavor and a bit of spice as I blew through the nose. I typically blow smoke through my nose so the spice was constant. In the second third the spice started to become more dominating. A slight nuttiness began to emerge along with a butter note. The last third introduced a weird soapy note which I have experienced on other Cubans and some grassy notes. (Is barnyard the same as grassy?) The spice was still there but the sweet cream and butter had faded.

All in all, it was an outstanding cigar. I can certainly see how popular Cohibas are. I’d give it a score in the 90’s and would absolutely be interested in another one in the future.

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