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The Qatar LCDH is not bad...until you see the LCDH at Beyrouth Airport.

The first walk-in humidor is twice the size of Qatar's and contains the "run of the mill" cigars at the some of lowest price I've seen outside of Cuba (sorry Rob ;-) ).

The second walk-in, the same size, contains all the vintage stuff, discontinued cigars (Punch SS2, Partagas Lonsdales...) and past EL's (Monte DC, Cohiba DC, R&J Exhib 2, Monte Robusto EL, R&J Robusto...).

And to relieve the stress after that, there is a full size bar with complimentary drinks where you can smoke what you just bought.

Every time I go there, I make sure I am at least three hours ahead of my scheduled flight time :-D

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the LCDH at Beyrouth Airport.

Now we are talking!!!. I was there in July 2004, at the VIP lounge and I was really impressed by the big collection of vintage cubans and auctioned humidors. Zeidan was really happy to have a bunch of Cubans sharing cigars and experiences there before we took our flight to Greece.

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