Punch RS #12 USU-VC-1


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Punch RS #12 USU-VC-1

Smoked this petite corona after the Del Punch. Darker, rougher wrapper to the touch. Smells a bit angrier than it’s brother. Open draw and a lot of smoke. Medium body with a good deal of coffee and nut flavors. Smoke smells of chocolate and the finish tastes of it a bit.

Very smooth with great booms of cool smoke. Cinnamon overtones halfway, and the cigar strengthens. Still no real sweetness in the smoke, but rounded rich flavors. Overroasted hazulnut and dark, earthy coffee. Creamy mouthfeel with a hint of shortbread. No floral aspects as I find in other Punch formats.

Huge amounts of smoke grown spicy in the final third. Still smooth but strong now. Almost a licorice bite to it. A touch of brown sugar sweetness near the end a couple times, but otherwise smooth strong coffee to the finish.

Quite good, almost a waste over a poker game. I would give it a 91. Overall smoking characteristics were quite excellent, with a pleasing though straightforward profile.

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