Punch Royal Selección No. 11 (FEB 07 MGT)

Tony Maduro

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Very nice review, Tony. Interesting that you compared the scent to fig newtons. I wrote a review several years ago that compared the "nose" of a "ripe" Punch RS#11 to a dried fig. I know of no other marca, outside of Punch, that has this specific aroma.

Coincidentally, I tried the first example from my box of FEB07 just about a week ago, and my take was very similar to yours. What most surprised me was how mature and approachable the cigar was, in contast to say, some MAY05's, which aren't there yet. A very smooth, and well-integrated smoke for a cigar less than 2 years old. I'd be smokin' em up for sure if I wasn't working my way through some older boxes.

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Punch Royal Selección No. 11 (FEB 07 MGT)

It was a nice afternoon here in eastern North Carolina, so I decided to retreat to my backyard swing and enjoy a Punch Royal Selección No. 11. This cigar was purchased as a box of 25 from the Czar in early September and kept at 65º/67% in my home wine-coolidor.

The first thing I like to do when I buy a box of cigars is open the lid, shove my nose in the box and take a huge whiff. This time was no exception. Scents of barnyard and chicken house with a faint hint of dark chocolate filled my nose.


The scent of the wrapper was hay and Hershey Bar, maybe a bit of wood. The cigar was firm with just a little give. Good construction. Clipped the cap guillotine-style. The pre-light draw presented flavors of hay, sweet southern iced tea and Fig Newtons (yes, the very same “It’s not a cookie mutha, it’s a Fig Newton”). Torched the foot and we were off.

Some white pepper through the nose, but still fairly easy to exhale. The first half remained pretty much the same. Fair amount of smoke. Medium bodied with hints of raisins, charred wood, nice toasted tobacco taste. The draw was almost perfect, just bordering on loose.

I always like to sniff the body of the cigar before it gets too short. Put my nose right on the thing. Smelled like sweet tobacco and Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha.

The aroma of this cigar was amazing. Think “freshly cut roses in a pile of fine burning Cuban tobacco”. If Habanos made a cologne, this would be the scent.


Halfway through the cigar I picked up subtle notes of vanilla and heavy whipping cream. Still medium bodied. Fairly short finish. Solid light-gray ash. Nice even burn. Not much changed in the flavor department throughout the remainder of the cigar. Smoked it to the band.

My wife being a teacher, I tend to rate cigars by letter grade. That being said, this cigar gets a B-. Not bad for a cigar from 2007. I’ve never given a cigar an A, but hope to find that special student one day that deserves it.


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