Punch Petit Coronas (Del Punch) OEB FEB 07


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Speaking of Punch PC. Whats the deal with the name? Is there any difference between the "regular" Petit Corona and the "Del Punch"?

I can see on Trevors site that the regular was discontinued 2002 and only the Del Punch is in production. So why is the name on my box only Petit Coronas? On the Czar webpage they are named "del Punch".

Weres the glitch? Or is it same same but different? :confused:

Great smoke however, just curious...

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I got a box of this code from the lovely Lisa. Says Petite Coronas on the box. I also have a box of 06 PC del Punch & they taste about the same. I'd say it's the same cigar. Then you also have the RS12- another Punch Petite Corona, but those definitely have a different profile.

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This is the second I smoke from a box of 25. The first one was tested a few months ago

and was plugged as hell and tasted nearly nothing. In other words: Take two...

Prelight taste is tobacco and fudge with a perfect draw.


1/3 First draw unleash lots of smoke with a sweet, sweet taste of tobacco. As I draw smoke the cigar makes some delightful crackle and pop sounds. The taste is calm and somewhat mellow. But yet it feels like it has something great coming up ahead. Sweet notes of tobacco and some cedar is coming up. Man! I´ve never felt such a sweet sensation from a cigar before. It´s like candy for adults. The smoke is plentyful and the burn is somewhat off without being a problem.

A Taste of pure wood emerge and lurks around between the tobacco/fudge fusion. It relaxes me. So far this PC is like a tender kiss.


2/3 Wood and tobacco in an enticing mixture. Its getting a little bit stronger. Not much. Only one "click" up the scale. The sweetness remains like a dream covered in woody smoke. Licorice pops up in the back of my mouth. It mixes up great with the woody/tobacco/fudge

sensations. The licorice disappears and is replaced with a dry taste of nut (No, Rob. Not peanutbutter).


3/3 Its definitely stronger now. I purge and more nut appears. The sweetness is almost gone and the nut transform into almond. No sweetness at all left. Its getting spicier. Almond and tobacco is ruling the last inches. For the first time of this smoke I can feel that its

still a young one. Mostly almond with a bitter twist. With about 3cm left I feel a burn on my tounge and I decide to toss it before it ruins my

pleasant experience.


This is were the "magic" happens...


EDIT: Forgot the score... 91/100 and everything points to an even higher score in a year or two.

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