Partagas Edicion Limitada 2008 Images and "Cold" review

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» Hi, near the box code it is written 71 .


» What is the meaning?

Actually your guess is a good as mine, but all boxes I buy through this shope has one of those numbers.

Its a very old tobacco shop and I think they give all there boxes a number, just to keep track of them. No idea how they count, but next time I will ask them. For the Partagas 2008 they got three boxes, and they called me and wondered if I wanted the last one, didn't see the other two boxes, so dont know there number.

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Picked up a box of Partagas Serier D No 5 Edicion Limitada 2008 and I will do a full review, but first some images.

Construction: Very good, nothing to say here. Feel not to tight nor to lose

Wrapper: Dark Dark Dark, feels a bit like leather, quite dry but with a hint of oil. Smell of cold tobacco, hay and coffee

More to come when I smoke one in 1-2 days.












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