Eden by Bances y Lopez 1944 Clear Havana


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This cigar was the generous gift of Professor Twain, given to me during the Boston get together this past

August. It is the same cigar smoked during July's Tampa get together.

I had intended to take include a couple of pics, but did not have a camera at the time. It is roughly

a corona sized perfecto wrapped in cellophane. The cello is marked "Rahr Malting Co.

Manitowoc, Wi.

Construction: Slightly lumpy, evenly firm with just a bit of give. Overall very good.

Wrapper: Colorado, silky to the touch, a very light, uniform sheen of oil.

Pre light Aroma / Draw: Aroma of sweet perfumed tobacco with just a hint of chilis. A subtle taste

of sweet moth balls with an excellent draw.

Draw: Excellent - clouds of smoke and a nice, even burn.

Taste: After an initial hit of nuts and salty spice, it quickly becomes full and powerful, earthy tobacco.

A full front and mid with a clean finish. It shows a slight green edge that integrates well and

leaves a mouth watering sensation.

About an inch in, there are now floral / fruit elements, backed up by a sharp zing on the tip

of the tongue. The smoke is meaty - the overall sensation at this point is of mint ice cream -

creamy at the start, refreshingly minty on the finish. After it's initial robust start, body has throttled

back to medium+ .

At midpoint, it continues on it's merry way. An underlying sweetness, a hint of nuts, a light veneer

of citrus, a tangy finish. Smooth and concentrated, I would never guess this to be a sixty plus year old cigar.

If I had to make comparisons to a modern Havana, the closest I could come would be a mix of

Diplomaticos No.4 and LGC M d'Or No.2.

Into the final third, draw, burn, and smoke volume are still impeccable. It's become just a little

more earthy, just a bit less bright. A little bit of sweetness now on the finish, but still some zing.

I'm not much for cigar / drink pairings, but if I've ever smoked a cigar that could stand up to /

go nicely with a well made margarita, this was it.

I smoked this one until I could no longer hold onto it. A unique and very enjoyable experience.

A well made cigar and longevity - who'd have thunk it.....

Thanks for the history lesson PT!

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I have little time today to comment on this cigar. I was gifted to have it last August. I will post pictures of the cigar. My batteries on the camera died with the first pics so I had to use the phone. It´s a great aged cigar indeed. Also I´m having problems to post since yesterday I replied twice to habanablue and then...nothing appeared on the thread. Too bad:-(

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