Another sick period question

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I recently received some ages boxes. Most were from 99 - 2001. I have smoked quite a few of them already, but I noticed some were a little rough, especially the Monte Esp #1's from 1999. The first half of the cigar seems to taste like amonia. I also notice that a lot of tars build up. I figured this was because it is a thinner ringe gauge cigar. I just clip a little off every so often. Has anyone had this experience.

Could this be a second sick period/second maturation?

Also, my other cigars are great, very delicate with a great flavor. But will these change? Since they are 99-01, should I expect changes. Some are Punch, Boliver, Robaina etc.

Thank you

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The tar you describe builds up at the head of the cigar and is extremely bitter tasting right? I just experienced this with some 01 VR Clasicos and some early 07 PL Montecarlos. I would do exactly as you did, just cut a little more off using a palio and that was that. Im curious if others feel it is found more in the smaller ring gauges and is it tar or some other substance (a resin of some kind)?

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Please see the thread I started called "My thoughts on the sick period" if you haven't already.

I can't think of a single natural reason why a cigar rolled almost 10 years ago would taste or smell of ammonia. I doubt your cigar is in the "sick period."

As for the quality of your cigars, here are the production (export) statistics from Perelman's Cyclopedia:

Year No. Exported

1996 72,328,000

1997 103,422,000

1998 125,800,000

1999 148,000,000

2000 118,000,000

2001 125,000,000

New and inexperienced rollers were hired to generate this huge increase in production, and some say that inferior tobacco was used as well. So what you might be experiencing is just bad cigars from a difficult period of time.

As for the build-up of bitter tar and gasses, I suggest you try "purging" your cigar as you smoke it from time to time. Do this by gently blowing OUT on the head of the cigar for 10 to 12 seconds. For an amazing light show, hold a lit torch to the foot of the cigar as you do this.

Purging a cigar often restores the flavors to the way they were in the first 1/3.

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KWG, there may be no definitive answer.....

I've had cigars start "oozing" tar almost immediately after lighting, even though I am a very

"dry" smoker. I try to never get caught up in the esoteric of cigar smoking - -mrn this, mrn that -

while I enjoy reading about wine for example, I never let it get in the way of enjoying drinking it. :-)

As for how the rest of your cigars will mature, it's tough to say. They may change, but how might

be difficult to pinpoint. I'd ask you to do this:

As you smoke these cigars over time, take some notes, see how they progress, and share the results

with us.

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