Partigas Short ABR 08

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I have to admit that I'm a Partagas fanboy. For a while I was thinking of switching my favorite marca over to Bolivar or Cohiba. I just can't abandon the Partagas line and shoving it into my second choice category.

So once again after my fiancee left for work I was out on the balcony 30 seconds later with my coffee inspecting a Partagas short.

First Look: Very nice stick. Very nice wrapper. Firm with a nice smell of hay.



Light up: I call this part 'light up' for cigars like this. Right off the first draw you get lit up! Immediate woody taste with a nice medium length finish. The spiciness emerged about 3/4" in (2cm for my international friends :-D ). The spice started to dominate the finish covering up the woody flavors.


Half way: For about 5 minutes the flavors went a little harsh but cleaned up about halfway through with a quick purge. The spice started kicking my arse. This is why I love Partagas. VERY intense flavors that come out on top of the full bodied taste.


Nubbed out: This box is certainly very young and started showing it right near the end. The flavors never went away but other astringents were creeping in by the end. I was having to purge more than I liked so with a little over an inch left I took a final pull and put her down to retire.


Overall: I'm trying to be as objective as I can considering how much I love the line. I know I'll be going back outside several times today to put the nub under my nose and take a huge whiff.

Flavors were right on time. I'd say that with some age on them that box will be right up there with my PSD4s or SDCs. Its a tough trade off though knowing you might lose some of that intensity with enough shelf time to mellow out any harshness. Right now though the body and flavors are going to be hard to say no to despite the roughness and youth.

Score: 89/100 <- Thats as objective as I can get

And just for fun [link=]here's a picture of the view of South Tampa[/link], Fl from my balcony.

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» What "plants" are you growing on your balcony :lookaround:


» Excellent review of a cigar which has got a hell of a following.

Nothing exotic.. just a little sweet basil, lemon thyme, rosemary, mint... some poppies you know... the usual. :-D

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