Partagas Serie D#3 EL - ECA SEP 02

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This is a cigar that has a lot of sentimental value to me. When I first dipped into the knowledge base of the internet cigar community, it seemed that these were wildly popular. I never had an opportunity to buy a box when they first came out, so I've been sort of looking for one since then. This past month, I happened upon 2 boxes and this is the first cigar out of the first box.

The wrapper is incredibly dark, with a light oil sheen. There is little uniformity as there is some mottling of a reddish gold metallic color in there (really bizarre effect). Clipped and took a test draw and the best word I can think of to describe it is "substantial". The draw had only a mild amount of resistance. Perfect!

Upon lighting, my palate was assaulted with a thick, black pepper note and some of the characteristic Partagas breadiness. Through the first third, the strength of the pepper flavor continued to dominate, but underneath, there was a very complex and delicious floral element that was desperatley trying to show through. As the smoke progressed through the half way point, the strength continued to build with each puff. This cigar largely lacked the sweetness of the "EL" wrapper. Instead it was just strong, earth, black coffee, pepper, and this lovely floral element. Towards the end, the pepper came back into the forefront.

Monstrously powerful cigar. Probably needs 10 more years :-|

Still good today, though!

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thanks for the review. Ive never had a chance to try one of these but your description sounds like it is a likely classic in several years.

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These were superb powerhouse smokes when young. I remember smoking my first one on Arlin LIss's porch years ago while drinking a diet cola. When finished, I could hardly stand up.

I think the recent re-release are much the same, but I am holding off smoking them after trying one a year or so ago.

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A magnificent cigar. They were so good I smoked damn near most of what I was able to get.

I smoked one recently as a treat and was frankly underwhelmed when compared with what they were. Still a very nice cigar but they have lost their edge.

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