Partagas Shorts RSB FEB 07


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soltino, the orangey/marmelade comment really resonated with me. I definitely got that from the Shorts I've had.

Great pics, makes me wanna smoke one right now!! Or at least roll one between my fingers.

Lunchtime smoke? Man, you must take some seriously long lunch breaks. Either that, or I smoke slow.

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I was lucky enough to find FOH early on in my cigar smoking career, and one of my first posts was to ask for some suggestions on shorter format cigars that I could fit into a reasonable lunch break. I picked up a box of these based upon the recommendations in that thread.

I’ve had this box in the humidor for about a year now and surprisingly I haven’t smoked as many of them as I thought I would have. I picked one out at random for my Sunday afternoon lounge.


This example is definitely not the prettiest in the box, a bit veiny and some green spots on the wrapper, but has an intriguing aroma – sweet and orangey, almost like a traditional thick cut marmalade. I serrated the cap and the initial draw felt spot on and was all barnyard funk. Flamed the foot and away we went…

In the opening draws I was greeted with dense, mouth coating white smoke, pepper through the nose, and good medium to strong tobacco. The aroma at cold promised sweet fruity flavours, which unfortunately failed to appear early on, but as the first third wore on more spice came into the fore, which was ample reward in itself.


The profile did not change really for the second third – spice and medium tobacco – but towards the end of the second third/start of the final third a slight tanginess crept in, and continued to increase, culminating up to an almost stewed orange wave that gave this cigar a long finish, which lasted me the rest of the day.


I did find a lot of tar build up for such a small cigar, so I had to clip it slightly around the halfway point. There also seemed to be a pretty large nicotine content too - when I went back inside I felt decidedly whoosey, not an altogether unpleasant experience though!

Overall a great little cigar that I will have to make sure I put onto my ‘regulars’ list. It took about a relaxed hour to finish which was just what I needed :-)

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