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» » I can't speak for "The Puck", but I do use a pound of the 65% beads and

» I

» » love them.


» Mark's a good guy and I wouldn't want to deprive him of business, but for

» me, Exquisicat Pearl Fresh cat litter beads are a better bargain by far.

"The Puck" isn't simply beads, it's a container that fits in various size humidors and traveldors. No matter how well various beads work, are you going to scatter them through your Halliburton? Or use pantyhose to hold them? I understand your arguement Van, but for most smokers, I believe "The Puck" is an elegant solution to smaller humidification needs.

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» I just noticed that I'm not the only guy plugging the joys of "The Puck". I

» just found this:


» OnYa Mark.

:-D That was completely unexpected and I definitely started off shaky. I didn't realize I was swaying until about 3/4 of the way through the interview. LOL!

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