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I know, I know. The rules say you are supposed to provide at least the year of the cigar you review, but this was a gift and I have no idea what year is, let alone the month. And for all you guys who use visual aids with your reviews, you've broken me. Photos accompany.




This is (or was) a long filler, machine bunched, hand finished cigar of the Cremas vitola (5 1/2" x 40). It comes in a nice, bronze colored tube. It had a darkish and oily wrapper with no notable flaws. It was firm to the touch. Looking at the foot, it is obviously not short-filler.


Before lighting draw was perfect without any particular flavor other than tobacco.

First 1/3:

I toasted it up and the inital impression was WOW, this is a potent cigar right off the bat. It was earthy and intense on the palate and stung my nose on expelling through it. A real slap on the palate of the kind the Rob seems to love. It had an underlying and surprising sweetness on the finish that perfectly complemented glass of Virginia rose wine (quite dry and delicious).


The ash was just a bit flaky, medium gray. At about an inch it seemed to develop a runner on one side.


When smoking a cigar to review, I sometimes actually place a mark at the 1/3 and 1/3 points on the wrapper to give me visual reverence points and to hold my concentration.


Second 1/3: Either my palate adapted, or the cigar mellowed considerably at this point. The underlying sweetness left and earth with a bit of pepper took over.


Final 1/3: It regained it's initial potency with earth tones dominating everything else. I didn't have a problem finishing it.



Conclusion: For me this was a better smoking exprience the the El Presidente, but I can't give it better than three smokerings. Still, for an inexpensive ($130.00 per box from Rob before discount) cigar that should now be 100% hand made it's a bargain worth investing in.

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