2001 Montecristo No. 3


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A brief and scattered review. I've been slacking some in contributing to the weekly reviews of late, and wanted to get something in, as I appreciate the community here very much...

Initial biases :

-A size I like quite a bit - a little more length doesn't hurt, but 42 rg is right in the 38-46 sweet spot that I tend to prefer.

- A marca whose profile seldom thrills me...I've had a few Montes in my time that have wowed me, but overall the brand doesn't make my top 10.

- The 2001 date makes me a little skittish, although I've smoked from this batch before, and construction's been ok.

Conditions in which I smoked it: Driving to drop the dog off at my ex-wife's on my way to meet some mates for dinner.

Appearance: Nice medium brown wrapper with very few veins. Foot shows decent construction. Looking at it reminds me that I wish HSA had stuck with the old style Montecristo band.

Aromas: Hints of cocoa and pepper from the wrapper in foot

Cold Draw: Cocoa and pepper and tobacco

Initial Draw: Stronger than I expected. Medium bodied. Cocoa with a bit of tang. A hair tighter than perfect.

First Third: Cocoa still, with classic citrusy tang in the background.

Second Third : Bitter espresso flavors dominate, not a bad thing.

Final Third: Espresso recedes, and cocoa comes back to the forefront, with citrus becoming more noticeable on the finish.

Upshot is, this was a decent smoke, but not something I would reach for often. There are too many others I prefer. Ok for a change of pace. Never felt quite balanced.


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» I enjoy this size cigar as well. Whats up with taking the dog to the ex

» wife? Do you have joint custody?:lol:

I've got to be honest and admit that I have never tried one.

I haven't avoided them for any particular reason... its just that my cigar budget is usually gone by the time I get to them.

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I am another for the Monte 3 06's which I thought were the best for many years (richer, medium full, classic Monte profile).

Excellent review and I hope to do a few this week myself now that my tastebuds are coming back after a two weeks of flu :ok:

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