Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure#1, July 2005

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Hoyo de Monterrey, Epicure #1. July 2005

Quick review on a wonderful afternoon smoke I had while writing today.

Well constructed, moderate veining. Slight cocoa smell cold, a little spiciness on the lips pre-draw. Perfect draw, nice and self-correcting burn. Excellent smoke volume.

Floral opening, light cream chocolate, a little nondescript, like the opening to a DC, making me worried that these gems had expired. Slowly got some graham cracker. Becomes medium body plus halfway, with more sweetness and some pepper coming to the forefront. Then the good stuff appears, what made me buy four or five boxes of these a couple years ago. Black pepper mixed with dark molasses and a good whallop of earth in the nose. Dark chocolate coats the palate, lingers along with the pepper. Full bodied, loads of nicotine. Really great now and the edges are just starting to soften on these but they have the guts to go for awhile I think.

I have had other vintages of Epi1s, but none compare to the mid-05 Hoyo Epis I apparently lucked into. Don’t know what other’s fortune has been with the 2005’s, but this was the best smoke I’ve had for a couple weeks. Would give it a solid 92.

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Thanks for the review, Matt. It is a nice reminder of how good the Epi #1 can be. Like you, I've had some blah ones in the past; some '01s and '03s come to mind. But from mid-'04 through '05 they really hit the sweet spot. Plenty of body, and rich spice. I might have to burn one tonight.

Edit: Well, I dug into my JUL04 cab, and BOY HOWDY are these things strong. I hadn't tried one in over a year, and was expecting them to have mellowed out. But NOOOOOOO... they're still rough and ready, and every bit as much body, spice and pepper as any Partagas in the humidor.

These are maturing into simply outstanding cigars. Every bit the equal of the Hoyomides when young and current Regalos. And plenty of grit for years to come. What a powerhouse of a smoke. 93.

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I smoked 2 Epicure No.1 for a blind tasting competition in Germany last month. Obviously, I didnt know ti was a Hoyo (before I smoked it) or I would not have participated, given that I hate the marca with a passion (almost as much as Cuaba, but at least Cuaba have a fancy shape). Box date was OCT 05. The cigar tasted like paper, cardboard, pepper (much to my surprise), got strong in nicotine (not taste!) after about half the cigar and was just plain horrible, bitter, bad tobacco.

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Wow too bad there Claudius. There was definitely no cardboard in this cigar.

You know---talk about inconsistency and hating a marca--I had a bad run of Bolivars when I first ordered them about 5 years ago. Bad singles,then a bad cab of BBF's from 2001. I thought it was just me. But I pushed one, wasted more money LOL. Bought a wonderful dress box that made me a fan of Bolivar for life.

Of course I share your hatred for Cuaba. Can't get around it.

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