Bolivar Gigantes GKI Jul 04

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After last night's terribly disappointing SLR DC 07 in the 'potential experiment', was looking forward to this. Rob put me on to them while in Havana and it proved spot on. Appearance was a light box press with a nice golden brown colour. It did appear densely packed but this didn't prove a problem at all, at any stage. Cold, a lovely and enticing aroma of leather, old teak and spice. Opened very well, quite full flavoured with earthy, orange rind and pleasant slight woody note. Construction proved excellent, draw was fine throughout and burn even – all you could want. There was some early complexity, which built throughout the life of the smoke. There were early hints of honey. It worked extremely well with the butterscotch and honey notes of a Ron Caney Oro. More orange peel and honey notes emerged after an inch or so. It smoked with a lovely cone and smoked throughout without a hitch. The power built gradually but never overwhelmed. Flavours evolved with some rum and raisin notes in the last third and a little burnt log. If the rest of the box is this good, I shall be very happy. As for potential, this has it in spades. A terrific cigar. 93.

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First review i've seen of an 04 too. I've been most disappointed wirh 04 BPC, BCE & BBF, but have not had the Gigantes. The 03s are fantastic, so I stocked up on those & got a couple boxes of 06s too since that was such an acclaimed year for cigars.

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