SLR DC Prez 5 yr Experiment

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SLR DC Prez 5 yr Experiment

Draw cold - perfect

Cap - perfect

Wrapper - Golden brown -rough and bumpy and veiny to the touch. Not the prettiest SLR DC I have seen.

Smell at cold - lite tobacco flavor but not over powering a smooth smell if that makes sense?

1st - lite tobacco flavor sweet classic SLR flavor some lite salt noted . But also bitter - green flavor because of its age .Definitely needs some nap time can taste it already from the first couple of puffs .Med flavor but smooth

2nd - Still sweet SLR flavor with some salt.But also noted nutty / bready flavor. Other flavors are there but are not identifying them selves because of it youth and present dominate bitter flavor.Med flavor but smooth

Half point - Same as above noted but with some lite pepper and a hint of vanilla .

To the nub - Still more of the same noted when you thought this cigar was going to open up it was knock down by the green bitterness of its youth .I really thought this was going to be a memorable smoke but it was a let down.All the wonderful flavors I noted did not really blossom to what they will be in the future.As this little experiment progresses it will be a positive one in the years to come.As the SLR DC sample showed some greatness at times but was crushed by its youth.

The cigar had a short finish.

Also I have smoke a cab and a half with the same age 2 years ago and they were much better smokes young. Not showing me any youthfulness this specimen showed me they were perfect.


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» Jimmy,


» Do you recommend these at all? Do they show any promise for maturing into

» an enjoyable stick, or should I take a pass?

I was not one of the lucky ones chosen to participate in the SLR DC experiment (damn, damn, damn!) but I did smoke one the other night. I had it in my humidor since sometime last August I believe. So it had nearly 7 months to lay down. I was not in an environment where I could really concentrate on the flavors to do a full review as I was at a gambling casino where there was a lot of noise and distractions not to mention a lot of cigarette smoke. But I really enjoyed the smoke a lot (it did not, however, bring me luck). I would definitely say that there is a lot of promise for it maturing into a very enjoyable stick. I have another SLR DC that I bought as singles from Czar house and am looking forward to seeing how the second one develops perhaps later this spring.

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The ones i have smoked really shined they were great fresh years ago.

Over all these are great sticks with some age they will only get better.

Are they worth it YES..

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