H. Upmann Monarch 1996

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H. Upmann Monarch 1996

Wrapper: Dark brown rough to the feel,No oils,Nice plume and some veins

Smell Cold : Floral

1st : Mild with lite sweet tea flavor really thought this cigar was going no where and it was a bit of a let down considering this was an aged classic Upmann Monarch.

Half: Medium strength -Sweet tea but stronger with sweet tobacco flavor and pepper on the palette but creamy with a long finish.

Down to the nub:Med to full no a totally different animal no this is an Upmann.Strong sweet tobacco flavor with a very long finish.Also noted cinnamon ,vanilla, sweet species and lots of pepper.Also the most creamy cigar I think I have ever smoked as I still taste it a half an hour later.

All in all a very well balanced cigar showing me an array of different flavors from start to finish.

This was a great journey and one I will not for get as I may not every smoke one again.But am very happy I have had at a least chance in my life time to have.This is why Upmann is one of my favorite brands and even more than ever after this smoke.


Thank you to the BOTL who gifted me this gem.

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