monte millenium robusto and others

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had never seen these but got one at the restaurant mentioned elsewhere. seriously good smoke. still years to go but riich and quite powerful. anyone else seen these lately?

would put it in the top four smokes of the trip. best was a hamlet i had at the airport after the other guys had headed home. it was as good as one could imagine. next, today's SLR DC 07 from the same restaurant. interestingly, even tho spain gets so much of the habanos production, apparently they do not get these. they had to bring the cabinet across from switzerland. a truly great 2 1/2 hour smoke. i just love these. not sure if rob has any left but if he does, jump on them. wonderful.

the other was the monte sublime. rob was absolutely right. they could not have prised that from my cold dead fingers even if i had been shot. they will be all time classics.

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Ken, I smoked a monte millenium robusto a few months ago and I was really impressed by it. It was given to my dad (who knows nothing about cuban cigars) and as I went through his desktop humidor I told him that I would gladly create more space for his beloved JR knockoff's or Thompson torpedo's. I know, an intervention is in order for him. I keep telling him quality before quantity and ideally both.

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