Punch Punch 2001

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Thanks for the review and the scenic photos...

I'm glad you liked that Punch. I, however, have never smoked what I would consider an exceptional Punch. And after three decades, I've had my share of this brand...

Guess I'll have to try again -- perhaps an aged DC...


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» I, however, have never smoked what I would consider an exceptional

» Punch.


» A Royal Selection No. 11 or a Super Selection No. 2 might change your mind

I'll give those a try and buy a few sticks of each for the box. Thanks for the recommendations...


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  • 8 months later...

I thought I would share my thoughts even though jkorp beat me to the "Punch".

Here I am at Pueblo Bonita Sunset Beach resort in Cabo San Lucas. I highly recommend it, to paraphrase Ferris Bueller.

I had visited the LCDH in Cabo and discovered some aged stock. I chose a 2001 Punch Punch (sorry I didn't get the box code) since I had never had one.

The corona gorda was certainly beautiful, with a medium colorado color and a firm feel. The smell at cold was cedar and leather.


The pre light draw was perfectly resistive. I slowly fired the foot with a contraband match from the LCDH. Initial flavors were wood and sweet tobacco.


The middle third showed some sweet carmel flavors and maybe some raisin type sweetness. I did not get the licorice that jkorp mentioned.


Look at that white ash! I think age can really change a cigar's flavor and combustion.


The last third got darker but always retained a sweet woody profile. It really was good with a refreshing mojito.


A strange looking storm rolled in just at the end of the cigar, spreading rain over the ocean and the rest of the resort but sparing the "Sky Pool" where we were.


I really liked the flavors of this cigar and plan on trying Punch more in the future. The aftertaste was very pleasant and I would definitely recommend this cigar and this year. I didn't feel it was a transcendental or particularly complex experience, but I would rate it highly, maybe 90-92/100



Edit: initial wee pictures corrected!

Edit2: My bad it was a jkorp review earlier!

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