Partagas de Partagas #1 ARA LEOO

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Partagas de Partagas #1 ARA LEOO

I smoked these a couple weeks ago, and was waiting to take a few pictures of them before I posted the review. However I can neither discern the damn icons on my camera nor find the users guide so it will be words only. It sucks to read without pictures, I know.

I bought a box of these in a “bargain bin,” being rather of a Partagas ***** and wanting to try the vitola along with every other one, apparently. I was concerned about the date, October 99 in some damn factory. The cigars appeared rather well rolled, however, and had that light Colorado wrapper that was very toothy, somewhat soft, and a bit rustic looking. I immediately thought, Corojo! but those thoughts left when I whiffed the box, and could smell almost nothing. Not a good sign.

Well I let them sit for a couple weeks and decided I could light one up early, since they were cheap, I had little expectations, and have too many damn cigars to know hat to do with them anyway. Sometimes a cigar with no expectation can be a great one.

I clipped a couple, with fairly firm draws (not plugged) and went for a third which was perfect, on the firm side. Taste was of aged tobacco, with some light spice and pepper. Smell at cold was nearly absent, which I found quite odd and not promising.

The cigar smoked pretty well from the get go. Good amounts of smoke, mild but rich. Burn a bit erratic but self-correcting. Flavor of smooth, aged Partagas. That mildness that is dense. Reminded me right away of an aged Lonsdale in that regard, that savory quality. The first third continued in that way, slowly amplifying in strength to medium. Nicotine levels were noticeable, and the cigar had good overtones of chocolate and earth, with a creamed coffee finish. Delicious and more than I had hoped for.

The 2nd third got pretty exciting. Powerful, earthy, chocolate, espresso, with the pepper finally showing up as it got full bodied near halfway. Had me thinking of the 97 Lusitanias I have every once in awhile. Some of them are quite powerful, yet aged and show that Partagas profile in intensity and class, which is difficult to combine. I was really feeling the strength, as well, and switched to water.

The last 3rd continued on with the chocolate and earth and espresso, really tasty and strong, but left me thinking of a review somewhere where this cigar was called a “bikerish” cigar, due to its strength and lack of complexity. That term makes me laugh and I thought this was probably it that he was talking about, the trailing off and lack of complexity that differentiates this cigar from other identical vitolas in the line. Just as I pondered that the cigar downshifted and displayed a bit of softer sweetness, just as my lonsdales do at the end. It stayed that way until the end. I smoked it to less than an inch, with only a few purges needed to refresh the profile.

Overall I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this cigar. Both by the vitolas’ reputation and by the box code. It was good enough, however, that I smoked one everyday for a few days, and found them to be fairly consistent. Some a bit stronger, some a bit milder, but all extremely tasty and complex enough for a plebe like me, apparently. Who likes “bikerish” cigars. Or maybe I just got a great box. Either way, I would score it a 93 and these are ready to go now. I don’t imagine the box will last very long.

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Great review Mr. Greenpimp...great review:::::

Next time include photos of cigar...setting...mood running......fireworks.....smoke.....I want to see it...

Thank you for the review....

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