Quai D\'Orsay Coronas Claro (PEL MAY 01)

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The QDO is a very small production corona and not always the easiest to find b/c of this. I had not had a QDO before buying this box, so I did not know what to expect from the line. I had heard two things about the cigars and that was they were either overlooked by most or were just plain boring.

The wrapper is a very light Colorado shade, but has some good oiliness to it. The cigar is firm and the draw is as well. For the first inch or so, nothing. Just clean tobacco, but lacking any discernible character. Shortly afterwards though, it changes completely into a mild, subtly salty smoke. It is very light, but yet has a fairly long finish.


A couple inches in and it is becoming a very enjoyable cigar. It is more mild than I would like, but still has enough complexity and balance to keep you entertained. It begins to develop a tartness that is odd, but this is only noticeable for an inch or so of the cigar. It also becomes more musty and more has a slight citrus flavor that I can't pinpoint. Unique cigar.


Towards the end, it retains its mildness and becomes a little more salty which taste odd in combination with the citrus notes. The draw has been firm throughout, but good enough to get the job done. I think about nubbin' it, but the saltiness gets a bit much in the last couple of puffs.


Overall: 90 and I imagine it would be a good smoke for a summer afternoon. Mild, but not enough so that you have to concentrate on picking out the flavors. The flavor profile is a bit odd and probably not something everyone would appreciate, but it seems to be a good change of pace cigar.

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Thanks Mike.

I struggle with these. I really really want to like them but the end experience is average at best. I am a lazy SOB however and perhaps the subtleties that others see just do not resonate on my palate.

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