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This review is on a 2004 Ramon Allones Specially Selected. I don't have box code information unfortunately.

It's been a great day, I have been able to get 2 cigars in, the other being the Dip #1 00 that I reviewed earlier.





The construction was pretty nice, the wrapper was just a little rough, the were 2 small chunks missing from the filler in the foot and the cap was nicely formed, over all very nice.

The aroma of the stick was average and there were no hard or soft spots.

Cutting the head revealed a spot on draw with prelight flavors that were of sweet tobacco.



The first draw was nice coffee / chocolate but pretty tame. There wasn't much spice or kick. The first 3rd reflected this pretty consistently. Exhaling through the nose gave more defined coffee flavors.


As you can see the ash was pretty nice, firm, gray and flakey. At about this time my daughter ran into the ash tray with a toy car, and the cigar rolled across the table leaving behind the ash.


The second 3rd seemed to really mellow out even more, all hints of spice seemed to be gone, leaving behind nice tobacco flavors. At times I would taste something floral and maybe grassy. This was very enjoyable.


The final 3rd seemed to build some strength and the tobacco flavors became richer and fuller. At this point no more grass, chocolate or floral tastes, just what I can only describe as tobacco full and rich. My still unrefined tastes can pick out all the nuances.


I gladly nubbed this cigar, and wished it had lasted just a little longer.

I had smoked one RASS before and I will say that it was pretty consistent with this one. I like this vitola but am looking forward to trying the RASCC at some point. I am not a big fan of larger gauge cigars, but 50 isn't too bad.

I think I would rate this 5/6.

I hope you enjoyed this review.

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Thanks for the review. It has been a year since I had a Ramon Allones, but I ordered a box last week and am looking forward to having another. Seeing the pics made my mouth water a little. I laughed when you mentioned your daughter and the ash falling off. With a 7 year old and a 4 year old, it is hard to have a cigar out back without something going down :)

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