Diplomaticos #1 ARA JUL 00

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I recently did a box split of these Dip #1 00 with some friends from another Board. I read a great review about these and really wanted to give these a try. These are a box stamped ARA JUL 00.




The construction was perfect, just the perfect firmness, no hard spots, and a nice color. The cap was nicely constructed as well, though it's hard to see it in the picture. The bunching of filler looked very nice as well.

The aroma at cold was very nice and sweet, of real pleasant tobacco.


I enjoyed this cigar with water while reading a great book on the '99 Mallory expedition on Mt. Everest.


I like the photos of foot toasting that I have seen in may reviews, so I included this.

The head was cut with my palio, revealing an excellent draw. There wasn't much to the prelight flavor, just good ole tobacco.


The first few draws gave a very very light spice, almost like a whisper. I exhaled through my nose and received a got a great smell and flavor, almost like coffee but much lighter than that.


The first third of the cigar was exactly what I have heard others describe as vegetal. I am usually smoking cigars than give power and lots of spice upfront, but this was very nice. It was so delicate and smooth, so different and satisfying.

It was pretty windy out and I was having a hard time getting the ash to hang on so I decided to stop after the second one dropped at about 3/4". The ash was however very firm and gray and flakey.


The first 3rd stayed with these flavors light, vegetal flavors with a hint of spice that wafted through every now and then.

At the second 3rd, the strength started to pick up a little, and the flavors started changing a bit. The vegetal flavors gave way to more of a twang and light leather.


The last 3rd really picked up steam, and the strenght increased remarkebly. I was tasting a light cocoa flavor that melted into rich tobacco on the exhale. This was very enjoyable, I love light chocolate flavors.


As I reached the nub, the strenght was still increasing and the flavors starting getting a heavier. Tastes of good strong tobacco were coming through abundantly. Up until this point the smoke had been plentiful enough, but at about 2" left, great thick clouds were being produced.

So I gave just a little purge, and the flavors seemed to lighten just a touch.


I smoked it down to the nub, and enjoyed every single second of this cigar. What a wonderful smoke, and experience. I believe this is the oldest cigar I've smoked so far, besides a 1950's Van Dyck (pre-embargo). I think I have found a great cigar that is very different from what I would have called my favorite profile. Having been a split, I didn't get many, and as always I start giving more away than I smoke, so I really hope I can get a box of these if they are available when I have some extra cash.

I would recommend these to anyone, whether you like em strong or mild, this cigar provided all of that to me in one sitting.

I don't know about scoring this cigar as I am still a newb, but for me, at my level and experience I would give this a cigar 98 out of 100.

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» Nicely done review! Dip's don't seem to get a lot of attention, although

» there seem to be some fans (including myself!) on this board.


» KC

This is the first Dip I've smoked and I tell you I'm an instant fan. How would you compare newer production #1's to what I described? If they're anything like this, I'm hooked.

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