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It is now active the link for the LIVE CAM and CHAT BOX that will be working on March 8th, from 14.30 to 17.30 Rome time.

I will post again here when the event will start ( some delay is always behind the corner) :-D

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» We are on line

Gino, I was able to watch early on for a short time - thanks again for allowing us in. I wish I had been

able to watch more. Perhaps you would be willing to post a brief overview of your impressions.

I enjoy your site, but unfortunately, cannot read Italian :-)

(I just look at the pictures)

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» congratulations Gino!


» Unfortunately I was back a little late for this one but I will be looking

» out for the next!

Thank you Rob, I do not know when I will do a new one, but it would be fantastic if you do one overthere so behind so many nicks we will start seeing also some faces :-)

I will try in these days to post the video on YouTube.

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  • 8 months later...

As mentioned in the other thread, next week we will have our Club Annual big event AMICIGAR DAY and for only 20 lucky smokers there will be the vertical tasting of LA GLORIA CUBANA Medaille d'Or n.2 from 1990 and 2002.

I'm sure that you have been able to see on JS blog that there is been a similar great event in Cuba these days at El Laguito.

With pride I can finally say that our club has achieved the realization of one our ideas:

the diffusion by Internet of the vertical tasting that will be held on the “ II AmiCigar Day.

Anyhow, if you are surfing on the net , remember next March 8th it will be possible to follow LIVE on Internet (shortly on our web page - http://*** –you will find link ) the vertical of LA GLORIA CUBANA Medaille d`Or n. 2 years 1990 and 2002, directed by the top Italian Catador Giuseppe Elefante.

The web connection will be open from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm ( Rome Time).

Technically it will be possible to see and hear on your PC comments of the smoking, hoping that we will not be too noisy. Moreover you will be able to interacted with us by a chat line that will be open. You can ask questions and hear the reply

The idea comes from the consideration that, being necessarily limited the number of participants (the cigars of ` the 90, purchased by our expert Alex Iapichino, are only one box), it seemed beautiful to be able to share with many friends around the world this first vertical tasting outside Cuba

Stay tuned……….


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What an event, and how freezing it was during the “welcome drink” (4°C.) and at end when we had dessert ( - 4° C.) , but beside the weather it is been one of the best cigar party we have had since our first one held three years ago.

It’s been a long day and the clue is been of course the vertical of La Gloria Cubana , medaille d’Or n.2 ( 1990-2002) that is been worldwide seen true and internet connection.

I'm sorry for some problems due to slow connection but how great it is been seeing that from Korea, Usa, Australia, Ireland, Venezuela, Sweden and other places that I forget people could see us (but not understand. .sorry!)

I think this pioneering idea can have some following. At least I hope so.

We had the vertical in a different way than Mr.Alex Iapichino had at El Laguito during the Habanos Festival last February as we decided to smoke at same time the two cigars and not one at the time. I believe that in this way you can much more feel the difference between the two cigars as it is immediate.

Both the cigars where processed at Partagas factory and once we lighted up the cigars there have been, as normal in 22 ( actually 44) different cigars many different opinion.

One thing that has surprised many smokers is been the youngest cigar (6 years) that had some ammonia taste and for all the first third was not enjoyable at all .It may was coming out from a “sick period”. Someone decided to not smoke it but who went on ( I was not one of these) said that the end of the cigar was a real bomb of spices, pepper and earth. I have another box of these cigars so I expect to enjoy in a few years. The cigar dated 1990 was very floreal and where long lasting for all the smoke, but also in this cigar we felt that it was at the end of it’s life. My cigar was enjoyable, a cigar with a very thin colorado claro wrapper (actually all the capa where the same), started sweet and floreal and had for the whole smoke a small evolution with an end that was very rich in sweetness , mou taste. Others said that it was enjoyable and beginning and at end but, again it was almost flat in evolution and would not expect that can give more.

Magali De La Cruz that has a big experience in selling cigars in London confirmed that generally she has always heard from Customers that LGC are not the best for a longt aging

During the two hours smoking we drinked white tea served in beautifull sake cups made in Japan by our member Nakamura with the logo of the Club and the date of the event.

Later when Magali de La Cruz made here presentation on Cuba and on her beautiful photos we drunk Italian sparkling wine (methode champenois) D’Araprì Pas Dosè and Cà del Bosco.

The evening when on with the welcome drink and sax music while the temperature started going down ..and down ! The dinner was very delicious and I’m sorry for who was not there.

Additional photos are at :


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