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  1. I agree Prez, one of the best cigars ever. Even those from a nov 09 box i have are ready and smoking great.
  2. Grande Espana! I am happy the red furies won, they deserved it on many levels. What a team! I am looking forward to brighter days for Italy, in the meanwhile let Spain enjoy their first World Cup.
  3. DEUTSCHLAND!!!! What a show! I started watching the match rooting for Argentina (because of Diego) and ended up totally fascinated by the incredible football these young Germans are able to deliver. This is the new football: young players, a few "senators" (Klose, Podolsky) and an incredible team-play. In my opinion Germany represents a role model for football today. Even Bundesliga is not entangled in all the horrible money-slave dynamics we suffer in Serie A in Italy or in Spanish Liga. Thumbs up!
  4. Enjoy your trip! I'd love to get some Siglo VI with a MEL or CLE code...
  5. I'm astounded. To break up my feeling of nothingness in comparison to the vast and marvellous reaches of space, I throw a guess: how do cigars age in light-years? Does the void possess the right conditions for storing cigars? And...I'll be honest: when I read "how big is the Milky Way" I expected to see a pic of huge boobs
  6. Germany is an amazing team. Watching them play football makes me feel better at the horrible performance of Italy. And of course, as a SSC Napoli supporter, my heart goes with Diego and his amazing Argentina!
  7. They rightly define this generation of Mexican footballers the "golden generation": they are amazing and deserve going far.
  8. Our history is surely a catenaccio one, especially 1982 Italy. Gosh. This World Cup is a real headache from the point of view of predictions. Lots of unexpected good teams and favourites slowly drifting away...
  9. I beg to differ. Nobody plays like that in Serie A anymore. The Azzurri are also going to play differently. Against Paraguay we had a pretty offensive tactic. It will get better, for sure. On the other hand, I am also a fan of Dutch Total Football, but that lacks experience in the defensive dept.
  10. No on both questions. Don't know why I never felt attracted by the marca. But I have been gifted an outstanding Corona Gigante from 1998 which was excellent. And I have another CG from 2001 in the humidor. Those I like and I'd buy a box for sure!!
  11. You can say that again! Stratospheric Switzerland.
  12. I remember a similar discussion some time ago, it's good to be talking about an important brand like Cuaba. It's a love it or hate it brand. I personally love it, including the infamous Salomones (I remeber the "hint of urine" review of the Prez some time ago ). But I totally agree with Rob: 1) Cut quantities! This is a niche brand. 2) Only keep the distinctive formats: Divinos, Distinguidos, Salomones & Diademas. 3) Quality control!

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