Vintage Partagas Charlottes

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» » The ones I have had have been excellent.


» The photo is deceiving. They look at least as thick as corona's from the

» photo.


» Fatcigar - please post a review, if you get around to it!


» (inquiring minds want to know...)

Interesting. They do look bigger than a 35 ring size in the picture.

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  • 8 months later...

Enjoy these '93 Partagas Charlottes (35x143)...discontinued in '02 but still can be found around the world.

Pic 1 - Side of box.

Pic 2 - Front of box. Note: 'Green Guarantee Seal' available 1912-98.

Pic 3 - Bottom of box. Note: Cubatabaco leaf available '85-'94. FPG-Partagas Francisco Perez German Factory. OUSV is 08/93.

Pic 4 - Inside of box.

Pic 5 - 5 cigars on each cedar. Total of 25 sticks.

btw, these are 'Old Partagas' full favor. Lots of smoke ~







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