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We both has a fantastic week fly fishing for trout at Fundo el salto lodge in Chile. Plenty of pics when i get back but i tap this as we stayover in Santiago before an early flight to Havana.

Plenty of highlights including

#Beautiful Scenery

#Great Hosts and Great Guides.

#Ken and I in a near Punch up....with each other

#Plenty of fish pics

# I broke my Rod on the first cast of a day

#Day two......Cigar Crisis

Keep well All! . Big hug you honey.

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» #Ken and I in a near Punch up....with each other

here goes hans christian ayala again. he stuffed a cast when he was after the whopper in a bath tub (refer rainbow tour) and hooked me. he then cut my fly off - the worst possible form. i lobbed a log a mile from the fish he nevr could catch and found out a day later he was miffed. he still missed the fish.

who cuts a mate´s fly off!!!

then he walks off with my rod when his broke. i said a few words.

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