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Hello Again,

I just finished by first Por Larranaga Limited Robusto Regional Release 2007. Very nice with a superb finish…enjoyed while watching two DVD’s worth searching for, especially if you are new to Cuban cigars and their manufacture:

The first The Havana - Cigar of Connoisseurs (Janson Media 2005) is good with excellent commentary and pictures…recommended to all but it does not have quite the production value of the second.

The second The Fabulous Story of the Cuban Cigar (Producer Oliver Zameczkowski) appears to sport a larger budget and it is truly a cinematic gem.

Both illustrate in detail the Cuban cigar industry and the amazing people who produce these great cigars. Zameczkowski however manages to go further in his depiction of the Cuban manufacturing process by providing a particularly handsome and fun loving portrait of the Cuban people. Politics aside it is amazing that this wonderful island remains largely undiscovered by many Americans.



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» Saber, what's the run time on these - are they serious docos or are they

» 1/2 hour flash in the pan type things? any idea on where to track down a

» copy?


» thanks

I would not classify either of these as serious in a production sense although both are done professionally. The latter is obviously shot with a higher quality camera but both were scripted by someone who knows the business. They are not long…I would guess perhaps a half hour or more but neither package records its running time. These films are targeted at the beginner to middle range Cuban cigar fan but even the aficionado can learn many interesting things. They are the only two DVD’s I could find on the subject so there is not a great deal to choose from, but unless you are planning a visit to Cuba they are worth the money. A search on Amazon should provide more than one source. And, if I could, let me share with you that Saber is my German Shepard. Thanks for the question…I really do enjoy this forum.



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Oh, and I picked up the following DVDs used on Ebay for just a couple of bucks a long time ago... they are about the Fuente family and Opus X cigars. I don't care for the Opus X but the DVDs are fascinating, they tell about the Fuente family's early history in Tampa, and then about the growth of their family business. Lots of great pictures of the growing and rolling process.

The first DVD contains the main movies directed by James Orr .

The Fuente Family: An American Dream


Fuente Fuente OpusX: The Making of a Legend

The second DVD contains the unreleased footage:

A Day at Chateau de la Fuente

The Inner World of the Fuente Factory

Original Soundtrack by Arturo Sandoval

Narration by Joe Mantegna and Andy Garcia

Cigar Family Charitable Foundation

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