Partagas Serie D No.3 EL 2006

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Partagas Serie D No.3 EL 2006

Length: 5 5/8”

Ring gauge: 46

Size: Toro

I’ve been looking forward to trying one of these since I got them six months ago. It had a beautiful smooth milk chocolaty wrapper with a great contrasting band. It had a nice stacked light grey ash that was decently sturdy. The draw was extremely smooth and inhalation was effortless. The burn was a little bit off on one side throughout the smoke and had to be relit a few times, but it wasn’t terrible. The cigar started off with a powerful leathery core, which was soon masked by a coat of ammonia. The ammonia flavor let me know that this cigar was way too young to smoke right now. It wasn’t until about halfway through the smoke that the ammonia flavor disappeared. At this point the cigar evolved into a medium bodied smoke with an earthy core coated in a light cocoa that was only noticeable ever few puffs. There were some hints of spice on top of the earthy cocoa profile in the last third of the smoke. The smoke from this stogie was thick throughout and soothingly aromatic. In the end this cigar finished the way I expect my Cubans to finish, smooth and flavorful, but this cigar is still very young and I think time will turn this cigar into a classic. Im going to have to buy a few more of these and see how they fare in 5 years.

App- 10

Ash- 9

Draw- 9

Burn- 8

F/B- 25

Unq- 7

Smoke- 10

Fin- 9

Total- 87/100

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I just bought a box of these with the intentions of aging. This has been a very promising review. They seem to be getting better and better since their release. I might have to try one this summer.


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