Cohiba Esplendido

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Cohiba Esplendido 03

Length: 7”

Ring gauge: 47

Size: Churchill

This cigar was absolutely beautiful on the outside. It was veiny and smelled wonderful. However, overall I would definitely have to say I was disappointed, especially for the price. I thought this cigar had a very nice earthy core, with a leather complex that was pretty interesting to say the least. The ash was an attractive dark grey, but it was really flakey and very weak. The draw was perfect from beginning to finish, but the smoke was faint and the cigar had to be re-lit multiple times. One side of the cigar burned uneven the whole time, but the rest stayed very even. And then, just when I thought nothing else could go wrong and the cigar was settling down, it got harsh on me, and I still had three and a half inches of it to smoke. I definitely have to say I would have enjoyed this cigar much more if it had actually smoked well, but I had to re-light this thing more than a pipe, and that is just way to much work for a cigar. Finally, with about two and a half inches left on this cigar, it went out on me again and I decided to call it quits for the night. At least it left me feeling a little buzzed otherwise I’d never be able to look at this cigar in the white of its Cohiba ever again. If there is a next one, it better be a heck of a lot better than this one.

App- 10 Ash- 7 Draw- 10 Burn- 6 F/B- 25 Unq- 8 Smoke- 8 Fin- 6


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Well i can understand your pain with this cigar. I have a box from 04, that im still witing to come around. Out of 8 or nine i hve smoked only 2 rock my world. I have posted several times about this box. It time for another try, it been at least 7 months. Just dont have the will to try another one yet.

This is a highly debated cigar that requires lot of down time before enjoying. Even some 01's singles i bought from El prez didnt g over well at all.

How is this being stored?

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» 100% positive this was legit! Just a bad stogie I think. Ive had 4 or 5 of

» these cigars, and they've never really blown me away the way they do some

» people. I really prefer the CoRo, now theres one thats never let me down.

I think I understand Benzo's review I like Esplendido's quite a bit, but I have had boxes that do not really speak to me. I have had others that are incredible. None have ever been incredible out of the gate.

I don't think we are talking about legitimacy, I believe we are talking about quality and consistency. I have not tried too many recent Esplendidos, but I have always had the notion that the truly great Esplendidos can be illusive at times.

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I have been quite happy with my 2001 box. Consistantly fine cigars. In fact, superior to all from a fiver of 1997s. Those 01s are almost gone though, so will have to try the box of 04s waiting their turn.

The 01s were made at PArtagas factory, the 04s at El Laguito. Will be interesting to compare.

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