H. Upmann Monarchs, a review for the contest.

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Review Format:

I'll be reviewing the cigars I hope to win. H. Upmann Monarchs

Detail of cigar (name/vitola/box code or at least year).

H.Upmann Monarchs, Pres will have to tell me the box code as he still has them

Visual Description:

I don't see anything. But, it appears as though they are the best looking Monarchs Pres has ever seen, so that's gotta be a good thing.

Aroma at cold:

I imagine they would have the fantastic Upmann "barnyard" smell, along with some subtle sweetness. We'll have to see when they get here.

General construction thoughts:

re-bar reinforcements are crucial in any concrete pouring operation. But, back to the cigars...

Pre Light (How is the draw? Any flavours on the palate?)

None whatsoever.

However, I'll have to update this when I'm clutching these prized smokes.

First Third (Flavours, burn, aroma etc).

Since I don't have any yet, I'm going to imagine that the cigar will follow a similar profile in flavor to the petite coronas and magnum 46, two wonderful cigars by Upmann I've had before. You imagine that too. Or, imagine what a monarch tastes like, if you've had one.

Second Third:

Now I'm imagining a beautiful woman. Let's call her Lisa.

Final Third:

Sir Winston. Naked. That's better. This is a cigar post, after all.

Summary (overall impression, aftertaste, comment on complexity, comment on potential and likely development, recommendation).

My overall impression of this cigar is uncertain at the moment. It has a wonderful potential to age in my humidor. I would recommend that I win the box, and do a real review at some point in the future.

Score out of 100 and/or out of 6

95/100. The French judge only gave it a 5.

(Please realize I'm just having some fun here- this doesn't have to count as a real review for the contest. Unless it wins, of course.)

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