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Favoritos: JAN 07

the construction on this cigar is on par with most cuaba's I've smoked in that it's got a nice looking wrapper on it with a fair amount of oils that are very obvious. It's not the best looking wrapper in the world, but it's certainly not the worst. Some very good spinach tortellini and talapia was had just before the demise of this lovely cigar.



after cutting the cap the smell of this cigar is very light and not too pungent and the prelight draw is of light tobaccos with a nice herbal/spice to it. I have not smoked one of these before so I am very much looking forward to it. The draw is perfect for me. I can tell this cigar is going to produce loads of smoke. I decided to pair water with this one so I could get a very good idea of this cigar on it's own.



the ole "nipple" on this cigar lit up like a dream and the first few puffs revealed a nice light creamy/herbal flavor. This cigar is starting off very well as sometimes the "nipple" on figurados can sometimes be rolled with too much tobacco and I have to chop them off to get a good draw. Not so with this cigar. The burn however is not so straight as one side is already well past the other side. It's not really affecting the cigar or taste so I'm gonna leave it alone to see if it works itself out on it's own.

Ok, now this cigar is really kicking in right now. Out of the entire brand the divinos has been the strongest one to me so far and I've heard from others that it IS the strongest. Well, this little generoso is coming on like a freight train right now. It's really packing in the creamy, herbal and some slight pepper flavors right now in massive abundance. Oh yes, I can forsee a few boxes of these in the old humidor in the future.


The burn at the end of the first third is getting all out of whack, but this thing tastes so good I really don't give a rats ass. The ash is still holding on strong too. This cigar has been so smooth that I just now at the end of the first third had to take a sip of water.

at the start of the second third the cigars pepper flavors are pretty much taking over the overall flavor of the cigar. The creaminess is still there, but it's been moved to the very back of the class room. Well hell, that didn't last long. A few puffs later and this cigar has taken on an extremely bland flavor for quite a few puffs. Nearing the start of the final third it is coming back around though.

now at the start of the final third the cigar had it's **** together again and is producing very slight notes of cold tea flavors. Thank goodness that bland flavor didn't last long. It looks like the predominant flavors of this cigar to last puff are gonna be very strong tea and slightly herbal.


overall I'd say this little cigar has a really good aging potential as far as cuabas go. The afterstaste wasn't so great as the cigar too a big nose dive right towards the end, but it would not deter me from lighting up another one that's for sure.

I'd have to give this one about a 85 mainly because it had a few points where it was just bland and not too good, but I do believe these will taste good with a lot more age on them. Hopefully that bland taste will go away.

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I have a few of these from 01 that are just stunning smokes now. At one time they were just ok and I traded another box of them off. I have about 15 left and when you open the old wooden cab box I have them in now, you are hit with that great sweet aroma of a ready to smoke cuban cigar. In fact right now they have some of the same taste to me that a good cohiba robusto has. Excellent little cigars!


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