Juan Lopez Selection #2 \'04

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I acquired this box in Oct of '05. At one time this was my favorite and I went through a number of boxes before tucking this one away.

Beautiful island tobacco smell. The wrapper is a mottled oily chocolate brown. The cap is a little sloppy.

The prelight draw is sweet tobac. I clipped it and was eager to revive my acquaintance with this robusto that I liked so much at one time.

Well, I fired it up and was met with a sweet toffee and tobacco taste. A very smooth mild/medium start with a little strength in the nose. I am sipping a 2003 Capitoso Rioja Temparanillo with this.

I keep looking at the wrapper which I mentioned above shows the oils. From what I could see of the box they all look this way. As I move through the first third the draw opens up a little bit more and provide more smoke per sip. I can see why I enjoyed this one so much and also why I moved away from it to stronger and longer smokes.

I have been more of a churchie and DC smoker but find myself moving to robustos and dalias lately. Not exclusively! :-P

The second third is producing straight sweet tobac. Not much complexity if any in this thing.

But lets not base our review up to this point. We must soldier on so to speak. Hmmmm, some leather showing up in the second third.

Pleasant and an improvement in the body of the cigar. This cigar has had a tendency to canoe and I have touched it up a couple of times. No big deal to me.

The flavor is starting to build somewhat. The ash is dense and has held well over an inch at a time. The nose shows a tinge of strength but has otherwise gone totally smooth from midway point in the first third.

I am enjoying this more entering the last third. A little more nicotine than I would have expected considering the mild/medium nature. Not a barn burner. But a little tingle on the lips. A morning or after lunch smoke maybe.

Went south in about an inch and a half. This was pretty nice but left me wanting a PSD#4 or a Boli RC for a robusto.

I would give it an 85 out of a 100. Would I buy these now? Probably not.

I am wondering if anyone else has any of these of similar age and what their opinions are? Also, does anyone have any opinions on the '07 stock?

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I had to top my own thread! :-P

To followup what I posted on Rob's review of the '07 I am smoking the fourth from this same box and my opinion is changing. Happily so.

These have grown on me since the initial one and it just shows how an opinion should not be formulated based on one cigar from a box!

I think this is a solid medium smoke based on the last three that I have had from the same box. Rob's review is of course a good one and indicative of what I am seeing from these with the exception of the first one. Not sure if it was it or me frankly.

The smell of these straight from the box is mesmerizing. Cedar and veggie earthiness. My intent is to continue through this group at a constant weekly pace to see how things go. I see no reason to save them. . .

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