Smoke of the Day Feb 16

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» Today i've smoked Cohiba 2 with my coffee and tonight Cohiba 6.


» Great day to all.

Fake(?) Cohiba Behike. What a fun smoke! I have another. I think I will do a review of the fake Behike on FOH for an entry to the H.Upmann Monarch box raffle tomorrow.

I am going to probably start a whole new **** storm, but while there are real "problems" with this cigar - like it has a Behike band #'d 2146, but came from a bundle - not a humidor, it seems to be the exact same flavor profile the Pres reviewed on his Christmas day Behike. My cigar had a prettier wrapper than the Pres's smoke. The dimensions are exactly 52 x 192 mm. Construction is beautiful.

Oh yeah, these were $35/each. Probably more like $10 each in Havana... I am sure they are not really legit, but I am just as sure they are NOT totally fake.

Anyways, stay tuned for a review... I will do my best to follow through.

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