1990 Punch Punch


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1990 Punch Punch

Enjoyed with Ron Pampero Anniversario Rum. This dark sweet rum is from Venezuela and pairs great with all cigars I have ever smoked. Plus the little leather pouch it comes in is beautiful. I think I could start making leather furniture with all these pouches I have laying ‘round the house.;-)

I can always trust Sadie will be out here when I'm smoking a cigar!


This Punch Punch has a mottled wrapper and hardly any smell. The wrapper looks dry, but not bad. It is very firm to the touch, which worries me.


A quick slice of the cap reveals a great draw with a musty taste. This goes to show that not all firm (or in this case rock solid) cigars are plugged or rolled too tightly.



1st Third: Once lit the Corona Gorda had a musty taste that, surprising to me, didn’t taste bad and didn’t last but for maybe half an inch. I’m getting a nice hit of leather and damn, it’s in yo face! For a cigar that is from 1990, I can’t believe the strength it still has. Still leather and now some sort of sweetness. It’s not much, but I can only call it spiced apples. And it’s GOOD!


2nd Third: Lots more spiced apples. It honestly tastes just like them. Burns is a bit crooked so I touched it up. No biggie though. The spice is building and the sweetness of apples is replaced with butter cookies. It is now like a spice cookie right out of the oven.


Last Third: Snow white ash. There is much more spice and also tea that is ever so slightly sweet. Man, the spice has really turned on. This thing is burnin’ nose hairs and it’s damn good. This old Punch Punch is exhibiting very bold spice and very strong tea. The last half inch is starting to turn to burnt wood…probably from smoking it a bit too fast, but hey, I was never one to take my time.


I rate this lovely cigar: 97/100

At first glance, this cigar didn’t look to have been stored in great conditions, but damn, looks do deceive. It also proves that it’s what’s on the inside that counts….well for cigars anyway.:lookaround: Another VERY memorable cigar traded to me from ol’ boy Mel. This also has to be a top 5 or 6 cigar. Thanks again mate.

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