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» not too shabby mate!! Beautiful in fact! You must get sick of that view of

» the mountains though!;-)

trhanksfor the comment my friend but mountains dont move so yes they are getting to be a bit mundane and ordinary.

Cam -

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Nice view Cam.

I should post the view from my back porch. What was once either corn or soy beans for hundreds of acres has been replaced by new homes. :-(

Also, I sent you an email Cam, about some wine.

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Image of the mountains of Ardeche from my porch, a bloody good smoking view if you ask me, which you did of course. Great river for fishing too, not far from here you can snag quite large Brochet.


Chateau of a friend of *ours*


That's me standing outside the house of the concierge who *services* my friend..


My back garden

Not many as of yet, but hope you all appreciate the beautiful France as I do, Thanks for viewing.

Cam -

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