Bolivar Royal Corona


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Was reading the latest copy of Aficionado which gave this the #1 spot for all of 2006 so I thought I should give it a try, as I'd never had one and never had a Bolivar of any kind for that matter.

Contruction was very nice, great cap, smelled good, couldn't feel any tight spots or lumps.

Gave it a cut and took a cold draw, nice flavour, tobacco, some dark chocolate but couldn't be sure.

torched the end and took some initial puffs, I've discovered on my journey with habanos that I can tell the cigars I'm going to like, one of the signs (for me anyway) is those first few draws and whether I think "This is nice" or "Hmmm, maybe it'll smooth out or get better." Which isn't to say I haven't had a couple that started great and became average or started not so pleasant and became amazing.

This time, it was the best of both.

Right away I liked the taste, I'm not sure what the strength of these is meant to be but it was very smooth, I even got a bunch up my nose which usually burns/tingles like if you get bubbles from soft drink or champagne in your sinuses, I didn't get that this time, so saw it as something good to come, the smoke by the way smelled fantastic, that perfect smell you get when you walk into a cigar store or humidor.

I was getting leather taste for the first 3rd or so, the burn at the very beginning was a little off, quick down a couple of the veins in the wrapper, but after half an inch or so it evened up and was perfect the rest of the smoke.

Now I usually have a cigar with a cup of black coffee, I really love the flavour combinations of the two, and it speaks to the quality and great taste of this cigar that I maybe had two sips from my cup the entire time I smoked this cigar, I was just enjoying it that much I didn't even think about drinking the coffee!

Towards the middle point, I started to taste coffee bean flavours, more than I have with previous cigars, I'm still a little new to cigars and so my palate is still young, it could be that it's maturing, but I was having a wonderful time with this smoke.

This rich flavour continued, mixing with the leather and I might have been getting some dark chocolate in there too, but it could have been wishful thinking since I love dark chocolate :-P

I took this cigar all the way down to less than an inch, the burning ember was starting to get too hot in my mouth, and I've rarely taken a cigar so low. I lamented the fact that I'd bought but one single from my tobacconist, as I'm sure I'd have smoked a second one right away!

It could have been the hype from the magazine, perhaps colouring my impressions, but I found this to be one of the best of the small range of brands and sizes I've had, it could VERY easily become a regular in my humidor.



5/6 smoke rings

I've heard these have a great potential to age, and man, I kind of salivate a little thinking of what they'll be like in a few years.


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