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» Is that a small Peacock Bass your friend caught? Didn't know they had'em in

» Florida. Anyway cool pics. Regards.

The other guy in the photo is my brother......he knows more then I do about Peacock Bass....He love to fish Peacock...

Any good fishing where are at???

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» That last one is a nice bass. What was the weight? Looks to be about 6-8

» lbs.

» Ever come up to fish Lake Kissimmee?

The fish was around 6 pounds give or take. I have been looking around for good Lakes to fish via Googleearth.com. Lake Kissimmee I have to look into that.....Is it good fishing...

It is hard to find good spots....I also release all the fish.

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I'm envious Miami, I've been wanting to catch one of those buggers for quite some time. I've been wanting to put up a fishing report, but the damn spring breakers have invaded the beach. The waters are warming and after spring break is done, maybe I can wet some lines. Great pics Miami. Regards.

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» » They're known as sea robins - nasty!


» This fish freak me out...........

Awesome pics Miami, thanks for sharing. Its been a few years since i've done any type of fishing. These pics have really given me the bug again

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Thank guys...I glad you likes...

I'm doing a few good spots soon....I will have the photos up soon.

In the future when I get a boat if you are in my location we can go out to sea and fish. I looking to pick up a 21 feet sea boat.

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Carlos...I just want to say that I am thoroughly enjoying your Urban Fishing Series.

It brings fishing back to basics....a couple of cigars, a couple of buddies, some simple equipment and plenty of time exploring nooks and crannies.

No $30,000 bass boat to be seen :lol:

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Thanks Pres...

I'm happy to hear this....I love fishing....I'm even picking up fly fishing now. Fly fishing in slat water....on the beach can be great.

My brother an I love having the great cigars Czar provide us....we look forward to the boxes....and having those great cigars when we are fishing...and more cigars after with a good glass of rum/wine/Beer. It is priceless.....

I hope to pick up a simple boat soon, but I always like keeping it basic, and humble....Once I get a boat I have an open door for anyone from the FOH family when they come to Miami/Ft.Laud area. "(Ken! the fisherman)"

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