Eye protection needed - CAUTION GRAPHIC!!


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I've seen this one. It's sucks to get hooked especially in the eye.

If you fish , salt or fresh you're bound to get hooked sooner or later.

I have been hooked through fingers a number of times.

I've never gone to the hospital just cut off the barbs and push or pull it out. A couple of beers helps out. The guy in the pics would need a couple of cases.

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» » Rob, Ken - I have to believe these pics are a warning for you.



» that is why they will not let us fish together. several kilometres of salt

» flats are my best protection but if last year is anything to go by, rob

» will spend most of his time untangling his line.

I'vee been hooked in the fingers, in one side, out the other. Pulled tendons, etc. They never stopped me from continuing, luckily, a hook in the eye though, that is the worst I have seen!:-(

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That's downright frightening!!

As a ten-year old I got a big Rebel plug in the head from my nearby fishing partner who put his "all" into the backcast and sunk two of the three hooks deep into the head-just above the ear. My mother says she heard me scream from over 200 yards away! Ouch!! Hospital had to get 'em out.

Rest assured my little-one's hooks will be barb-less.

Thanks for sharing....I think.:-|

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Have been fly fishing for over 10 years, and still not got hooked, but I always wear a hat and always always where my sunglasses /clear glasses, both for protecting the eyes, but if you get a god pair of sunglasses it will remove all the reflections from the surface and you will se the line/fly much better, just dont go for the really dark once.

Now, looking on the images the hook is inserted into the lens, and usually the damage is not permanent, if the lens is permanent damage it has to be removed, and that is a 20-30 minutes surgery (when you are awake, and this is not a nice experience), Now dont send me questions, I am not an MD, I work with medical training simulators, and one of our simulates is for training lens operations, so I only know a little about the surgical procedure.

I just hope that he smoked a good cigar when he got hooked.

// anders

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i've never seen hooks in the eye, but I did have a call once where a carpenter got a finish nail square in the eye...he was nailing overhead and the nail richoceted back with the point going right into the pupil...not pretty at all...

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