Don Alfredo Selection No.52.


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Don Alfredo of London Dunhill

late 1960's

Tonite I ate some great Italian food and drank some of the finest wine's and a 1870 port ( Thanks Tony for your true friendship) a wine lover can possible dream of .

And thanks to some of my great friend's that I have meet at Havana Dreams Lounge.

After coming back from a great night I meet a friend one that has some of the greatest cigars one could want(we will talk about this person when some of us meet up in person very interesting story but I can not tell here.I was asked not to say).

He came over knowing I am a Cuban Cigar NUT gave me a Don Alfredo Selection No.52.

Cigar was stored in perfect conditions as I looked it over.

Leaf was dark brown with minimal veins and smooth as silk.

Ash was light gray with black ash in middle with gray mixed in.

First impression were a lot of citrus mild to medium flavor.

Creamy at times but dry on the palliate most of the time.

Light wood flavor and sweet fruit and some spice half way.

But citrus was the main dominate flavor very unique and enjoyable through out.

This cigar is refined a true master peace of Cuban perfection.

Now down to the nub citrus still the main flavor with some peppermint .

The strength is getting much stronger amazing for a cigar that is older than me and so full of life after all these years.

Also hints of a sweet white wine showing this is a aged cigar and its showing me what a true age cigar is all about.

This was truly a great night with my friends and it don't get much better than this besides the birth of my son Frank.

A Big Thank You who all made this night memorable.

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