2000 Bolivar, Bolivar Tubos No. 3 Review


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Bolivar, Bolivar Tubos No. 3

Reviewed: September 19, 2006

Length: 125 mm, 5 Inches

Ring: 13.49 mm, 34

Vitola: Placeras

Origin: Cuba

Box Code: PUC SEP 00

Several months back, I had a few friends over to the house to sit down and smoke a few cigars and watch a DVD of the Buena Vista Social Club. Well, as normal, when friends gather, cigars typically get passed around to everyone to try something that the other people have picked up and want others to try. Such is the case with the Bolivar, Bolivar Tubos No. 3. This is a thin ring gauge Habanos, which is handmade and before now has generally been under my radar. Not any more, this is a jewel of a find!

The Bolivar, Bolivar Tubos No. 3 had a dark and rustic looking wrapper. The wrapper displayed a small amount of tooth as well as the beginning of some plume developing on it. The draw was excellent. Upon lighting the cigar, I was greeted with rich bold earth and typical sweet Bolivar spice. During the first 3rd, the flavors changed between earth, leather, roasted coffee and semi-sweet cocoa. All the time, the flavors were rich and smooth; the smoke volume was quite large coming from such a small cigar. The smoke was dense and thick, letting you know that while this cigar may be small, it really was a “Tiny Demon” of flavorful delicious smoke. The “nose” of this cigar was very nice and a pleasure to enjoy. During the 2nd third, the earthiness decreased and the notes of saddle leather rose. The bold earthiness returned during the 3rd third as did the intensity of the body. I felt my lips tingling from the rich spiciness of the cigar. Throughout the hour, I found myself wondering why this little treasure had alluded me before and I have begun making plans to pick up some of these as soon as possible. The Bolivar, Bolivar Tubos No. 3 could be described as a medium full bodied cigar which is rich with spice, earth, leather, roasted coffee and sweet cocoa. The cigar started out smooth and built strength with mouthful after mouthful of rich dense smoke. I would rate this cigar a 4 smoke ring cigar as it is very good cigar and I could recommend it to everyone that enjoys the Bolivar marca.

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Great review Chuck :clap:

When on it is a pearler. Care needs to be taken however when ordering these gems. Ensure the retailer checks a sample of 6-8 cigars from the box because my personal experience over the years is that it has the same plug rate as Lonsdales particularly in the 98-2003 period.

Get the construction issues right and you have a cracker of a small cigar :ok:

and watch a DVD of the Buena Vista Social Club ....yeah sure ;-)

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