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Hello All,

I just wanted to provide a brief introduction to my fellow Habanos fans around the globe. I placed my first order a few weeks ago and already find myself being sucked into the Cigar hobby/lifestyle at the age of 22. It looks like I have a long (and expensive) life ahead of me.

I can not thank Rob and Lisa enough for their excellent customer service. I've placed a small order with one merchant in the past, and they did not compare to the Cigar Czar.

Thus far, my favorite cigar is the Siglio II, but I have yet to try any of the Punch Punch, R y J Ex No. 4s, or Juan Lopez Seleccion No 1s that I ordered. As I begin stocking my new Savoy humidor, are there any light-mild smokes that you suggest? Perhaps I will find one that I enjoy more than the Siglio II.

Thank you all for the advice and experience that you share on this wonderful forum, and I look forward to our future discussions.


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Welcome mate !LOL!

You will find that over the years your favourites will change as you change. Then, when you think you have it all nailed down as to what you really love....your mood changes again :-D

It is a great life journey. When you are 82 and looking will remember those great cigars that accompanied all those great moments in your life.

Just a hint....start putting away a few cigars to enjoy on your 30th,40th,50th etc etc ;-)

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