Partagas Lusitanias


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Tried my first today - single no codes, but I believe fairly recent.

Medium colorado, leathery, with a nice sheen. It felt rather light in

the hand. It did have a draw on the loose side.

Taste - not complex in that the flavor profile did not change much

over the length of the cigar, complex in that it was a flavorful


Overall, it was dry cedar, with light fruit and floral notes. Hints of

unsweetened cooking chocolate. The spice component was a light

sweet spice. There was a light earthiness that came and went.

Everything was totally integrated and beautifully balanced. Body was

on the medium side of light/medium - this took me by surprise. This

was the first Partagas that I really, truly enjoyed (I've not smoked a

ton, and none with much age). A very enjoyable cigar.

Based on this one sample, my concerns would be:

1 - the relative looseness of the draw. I think a firmer draw would

have yielded an even more flavorful smoke.

2 - aging potential. The relative lightness of body and flavor make

me wonder if this would gain anything with time, or if it would lose

the flavor it has.

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Thanks Ross :-)

The Lusitania is not a powerhouse cigar and a good one is Medium Bodied. Unfortunately you were robbed of that flavour intensity because of the loosish roll. Remind me on your next order and I will hand pick a properly rolled 06 so that you can do a comparative review :ok:

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I've had 1992 Lusis that were among the strongest & earthiest tasting cigars ever. Sadly, with the post 1995 blend change, they are a shadow of their former greatness. Still good if you like milder cigars, but I wish I still had some 92s.

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Buy a cab of them Bastards and you'll have some real smokes!

There is just something about a cab of DCs. They ussually will age a while cause I dare you to smoke-em in a month.

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I have only had one of these. While it had nice flavor, it was definitely on the mild/medium side and left me disappointed. I was surprised that it did not pack the same punch or share a similar flavor as the short.

Thanks for the review!

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» I've only had 2 of these beautiful cigars. Both had perfect draws which for me is just a little effort to draw the smoke. I just like to run the unlit cigar under my nose a few times and enjoy the smell of the wrapper,mmmmm good. The smoke is creamy and plenty of it. I'm going to have to get more of these.

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