Fundi\'s on Sunday(pics)

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  • 2 years later...

Went to Keith's house on Sunday to do a fresh versus aged comparison on Fundidores. The freshie was from 06' and the aged was from 98' (Thanks Dave!). Nothing like a day of fine cigars, micro brews, unique rum and whoopin Keith's ass in cribbage! :cool:

I had smoked one of the 98's 3 weeks ago during our first FOH poker game, so the taste was still fresh in my mind.


The 2 cigars had a noticeable difference in hue, ring gauge and band.


The fundi is such an elegant complex cigar, it's difficult to smoke one of these and choose just a singular flavor profile. Throughout the smoke I encountered flavors of honey, coffee and cream, tabacco and sugar, and towards the end, sweet dark chocolate. Never did the cigar become overheated or have any burn/draw issues.

The differences I noticed between the 98' to the 06' are that the 98' lacked some the heavy sweetness the 06' did. The 98' had a lot of the same flavors but seemed more refined and had a bit more underlying tobacco tastes.


Both cigars, aged and fresh, were outstanding! IMO the Fundidore is the Rolls Royce of cigars. I can't wait to see what a box of 06' will taste like in 2014. I will put a running bet on it that there will be no competition for it.




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