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It was my 40th birthday on Saturday. So I thought I’d try a few new cigars and one I hadn’t enjoyed for quite some time. Started with the La Gloria Cubana Medaille D’or No 1. I don’t personally like orange peel. I always pick it out of fruit cake etc. So I was really surprised how good these orange citrusy flavours work with a mellow nutty underlying taste. Enjoyed it on the balcony watching the Aussie Rules Football finals on Friday night with a German Wheat Beer. Really nice matching I thought. Had a blokey day on Saturday for my birthday. Went and bought a new barbecue as a present, went to lunch and ate tapas and drank more beer then put some bets on for the races, then drank some more beer watching another Football final and tried a La Flor De Cano Corona Claro. This cigar was quite mild and maybe benefit from some age to even out the flavours. Some smooth creamy nutty flavours jumped in and out from the second third onwards. But a nice non-offensive afternoon smoke none the less. Then went to my birthday drinks that night at a local bar and after having a fair few drinks thrust at me by well meaning cousins, work mates and friends trying to pay me back for getting them too drunk on numerous occasions I found some time to fire up a Punch Punch. Even through the haze of birthday mirth, a stupid unknown woman throwing my Punch Punch on the ground (She was lucky not to get a Puch Punch herself) I could taste the well rounded nutty flavours bursting through. Made me think why I haven’t tried this one in a while. Will definitely have to give it a go when I’m sober. All in all a great weekend. Even picked a winner at the races and won a small prize on the Lotto. Life is good after 40. ;-)

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Happy Birthday Bill !!!!

My 45th Birthday is on wednesday , the 13th .....

Man , can't believe what an old fart i am - good thing i have a young wife !!!!!

I think i'll be smoking a Partagas serie d #3 2001 EL just gifted to me from a good friend as well as a RA Gigante ... a few beers , and some Greek food , and i'm on my way ........

-bill k.

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