Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona 2001

Ken Gargett

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Picked up a box of these in Rob's sale of older boxes. not regretting it for a moment. tried the first during the first bledisloe, the Wallabies v nz debacle. I hate kaplan. Really enjoyed this. Mild subtle flavours, a lovely creamy note. Some choc, hazelnut and dark berry notes. Quite sweet. A medium to slow burn which was consistent right through, though a couple of small clogs in the 2nd half, not enough to condemn the thing. Flavours really built up and quite rich and starting to become quite powerful by the end. Very worthwhile and exhibits the advantages of some age. 91-92. followed this with another that was even better while away and similar notes, though an extra level of excitment. 93-94. These are seriously good though not quite the standard of the 97 Partagas Lusi’s (one of the last boxes of older smokes i got from rob). Close. hard to put any away for the future. then a few days ago, the third out of the box and again, a great looking cigar, a very light creamy coffee appearance. The box is consistent with this. Opened well with subtle spice and café latte flavour. Quite complex and a mildly flavoured smoke but that is not meant to mean that the flavours are not with some richness. Also, they do build quite substantially over the length of the cigar. This one moved through the first half with much more speed than the previous two. The second half of the smoke was where things got serious tho there was also an earthy note and also slight touches of citrus and spice. Although this was the least of the three smoked to date, for me a 91, these are very good smokes.

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